Tuesday, November 26, 2013

1 for 3

I met day one of my cleanse with mixed emotions.

The juices (and mock tuna salad) were pleasantly delicious, even for this girl who often says she's "allergic" to fruits and vegetables. I didn't crave any snacks. But Chef Anna did treat me to some raw chocolate macaroons.

What was weird was I assumed I'd be starving all day. But I wasn't. And I figured I'd be running to the bathroom every two seconds. But again, I wasn't.

But by 6 p.m., I was exhausted. With no coffee and only six hours of sleep the night before, I was groggy and tired. So yes, I napped. Don't judge.

But I woke up this morning energized. And without a headache. I can't remember the last time this has happened. So bring it on, day two. I'm ready.

Disclosure: Anna in the Raw provided me with several days of juices and food to review. I was not given any guidelines nor instructed on what to write. Because we all know, I always have an opinion and I rarely keep it to myself


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