Monday, November 25, 2013

A Different Kind Of Detox

So we've seen me take technology hiatuses. And for those of you that actually follow this blog, you've notice I've been missing-in-action.

It's taken me almost a year to confidently say I am at peace. Yoga (almost) every day. At least six hours of sleep each night. Going to church. Hanging out with friends again. Saying what I think, when I want.

I was overwhelmed with disappointment when I was advised by my doctor not to participate in the half marathon last month. And he was right. I wasn't ready - physically or mentally. I've encountered a few health issues. My headaches are out of control. And even with more sleep, I'm fatigued. And that's just the start.

I know I have a gluten intolerance. Tested and medically proven. I've been warned by doctors to stay away from it. But hello? Homemade cookies are delish. Seriously. Same with dairy. It does horrible things to my stomach. But I'm a glutton for punishment.

I've cleansed my life of many toxic relationships in the last few years. And I know I am better for it. Now it's time for me
to cleanse my body of all the crap that's harboring inside of it.

Inspired by one awesome local raw chef and encouraged by my Canadian bootcamp-owning sister, I'm shifting the focus on my health into high gear.

I've learned that cutting out certain foods keep me feeling my best. So Chef Anna is going to guide me in a juice cleanse (I'm no stranger to colonoscopies so this should be nothing, right? TMI?) then help me with a clean lifestyle.

Today is day one. Wish me luck.

Disclosure: Anna in the Raw provided me with several days of juices and food to review. I was not given any guidelines nor instructed on what to write. Because we all know, I always have an opinion and I rarely keep it to myself


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