Damn You, Retailers, For Taking Away A Cherished Tradition

Dear big box retailers,

Thank you for launching an assault on an annual family ritual I hold dear to my heart, a tradition that connects me to my now deceased Mom. This tradition allows me to look back at my childhood with fond memories, and you have managed to trample on it showing how your cold, heartless side.

Why did you have to open your doors on Thanksgiving?

Now before you get your knickers in a bunch, I am not here to complain about the woes of working on a holiday. There are far many that have preceded your employees: first responders, doctors, nurses, grocery store and pharmacy workers and television station employees.

But for as long as I could remember, I have gotten up at the crack of dawn to join the ranks of crazed shoppers on Black Friday. My Mom would drag us to Gold Circle, Higbee's, Joseph Horne's. It was a terrific time for our family to bond... all while picking up Christmas gifts at a so-called great price.

Why am I telling you all of this? Two reasons.

One, I hate holiday crowds. But there's something special about Black Friday shoppers. We're a rare breed. We have a special camaraderie. We keep each other company in long lines, share secret hiding places in the endcaps and bring each other coffee in exchange for holding another's spot in line.

But today, there are no crowds. And last night, there were barely crowds. Sure, the first hour of your "doorbusters" there was the initial rush but that was it. What a letdown.

Lastly, I do most of my shopping online. And when it's not online, it's local. Why? I believe in supporting my community. But I also believe in supporting those who are good, kind and invested in where they work. I am sure you have some fine employees at your establishment. But more often than not, I encounter some not-so-nice ones and that's a huge turnoff.

So if I'm looking for a discount, I'll be shopping online. Black Friday brought me in stores but given today's performance, I may take a pass next year.