Taking A Break

Next month, I'll turn 37.

My life isn't much different than it was when I was a college student at Loyola. Aside from geography, I'm still renting, have zero savings and am single (well, ok, divorced).

Some say I make rash decisions or engage in erratic behavior. But please know, I live a life analyzing my every move. Each choice is made - wisely or not quite so - with Amara in mind. I have to stay true to myself. And I always do what I believe is right.

And right now, I believe moving on in the blogosphere is right. It's time to move on.

For the last seven years, being Mom2Amara has brought about wonderful opportunities for which I am grateful. But it's time for me to step back and take a break.

It is amazing what this blog has accomplished since September of 2006 when Amara was just a toddler. It has been fun and challenging. I am extremely proud of my blog. I've learned so much:
  • Gratitude should be practiced each day.
  • Cabernet is better than Skinnygirl margaritas.
  • Family is not defined by blood. And there are people in this world that believe family can literally be bought.
  • Divorce is an experience of deep emotional pain that remains with you always.
So today, I say thank you for going on this journey with me and Amara. I am grateful to you for sharing every tear, laugh and hug.

I am not going away. But by stepping back, I hope to open myself to do at last all of those things I've fantasized about doing. I'm not going to stop writing. I will continue to chronicle our adventures. And maybe one day, that journal will be shared again.

Every end is a new beginning.


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