Monday, June 23, 2014

Staycation In The Burbs

Could we really enjoy a week off on a limited budget? Hmmmmmm.

This summer, Amara and I do not have any big trips planned. This is entirely new for both of us. No trips to Disney. No lazy days on the Jersey Shore. Add an extra week of custody (don't ask) and a move one suburb over, and there's just no cash left.

We can't afford to focus life on money (yes, pun intended). I'll admit, I'm not looking for wealth but financial stability would be nice.

But boy, did we make due.

Monday was for swimming in our neighborhood. Well it was a pool day for Amara. I slept.

We spent an evening in the Social Suite at Progressive Field. Our beloved Indians lost but
Mustard was a big winner.

Then this wannabe pescatarian hit a rib cook-off. And I'm sure glad we did because this happened.

We then hit my favorite concert venue on the North Coast for O.A.R.

But it was Philip Phillips that stole the show by giving Amara guitar picks and a copy of his setlist.

But then - the most delicious part of our weekend came when Dewey's Pizza invited us to hang out.

These amazing gloves are impenetrable. Take a knife and be a kitchen knight. No cuts! 
Did you know Dewey's Pizza makes its dough fresh daily?
Personalized pizzas? I think they're ready to be hired!
Oh and did I mention I won a ticket to a social media conference? Seems I may be going to Florida next month... as in Orlando. MCO. The 404. Mark your calendars, Florida friends. The Asian is hopefully coming down to work on her tan!

Who knew staying home could be so much fun?

How was your week?

Disclosure: Dewey's Pizza invited us to share an afternoon with their Managing Partner which included three complementary pizzas. I was not given any guidelines nor instructed on what to write. Because we all know, I always have an opinion, and I rarely keep it to myself. Watch for another post on our yummy visit.


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