The Lies We Are Told

I spent Friday night the way I have spent most of my weekends for the last month and a half - at my daughter's basketball game. But this time, I gussied up - donning my fave Bobbi Brown lipstick and fun wedge booties. My daughter and I stopped for sushi before hitting the gym, catching up on winter break shenanigans and singing along to the songs playing overhead.

After spending New Year's Day then all of Friday at home, I think I did this to prove I am not as incredibly boring as I think I am.

But that got me thinking. Why can't I dress up for a sixth-grade basketball game? Who says I can't sing aloud while in public?

Where do we learn these lies? And let's be honest. Far be it for me to follow along just because these lies have become socially accepted, universal truths.

So that got me thinking even more. What other lies are we often told?
Life is meant to be hard work.
It's taken me a very long time to realize just how wrong this statement is. Love and life should be natural. Effortless. You shouldn't be clawing your way through life, barely hanging. Life is meant to be filled with beautiful moments.
Life happens.
No it doesn't. You are an active participant. You made choices in the past that have gotten you to where you are today. And tomorrow, you will make decisions that will affect your future. Life doesn't just "happen." We have the power to welcome those beautiful moments (see above) and steer life in the direction we want.
Time heals all wounds.
Loss is a terrible, horrible thing. I am still devastated when I'm asked to talk about my Mom and her passing. Divorce was painful. And family drama drama. Does each day get easier? Yes. Will I ever be "over" it? I'm not so sure. But you just learn to cope.

What lies have you learned to ignore?


  1. I just love your words. We do tell ourselves lies to get through the day or a moment but these just work against us and should be dispelled. well said, love!

    1. You are such a doll. It's great to be writing again. Good for the soul!


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