I've Found My BFF

Everyone knows the term BFF.

But that second "F"...that raises some red flags for me. Okay, okay. A 30-something probably shouldn't even be using the term BFF but that's beside the point.

Forever. For a commitment-phobe like me, this freaks me out.

But this week, my bestie was in town. Issues and all, my BFF still wants to visit with me.

So how do I know I have a friend in it with me for the long haul?

We live hundreds of miles apart, and when we're together, it's like no time has passed.

The first thing we did together when he got into town? We sat at the salon as my daughter got her hair cut. We're totally comfortable hanging out without saying a word.

So comfortable that we don't need to do a fancy dinner out. We actually ordered in so we could all play Trivia Crack.

And when I inevitably cry (because I always breakdown during one of our visits), there's no judgment.

Seeing my BFF was so good for my soul. His visit made a crappy week pretty amazing.

So as long as he doesn't ditch me, I think I'm ok with the second "F." I'm so grateful to have a BFF!