That Time Lent Meant More Margaritas

For Catholics, we're taught to give up - or fast from - something in order to help us identify with Jesus' suffering leading up to Easter Sunday. But I like to see Lent as more of a cleansing. I mean, it does typically fall at the start of spring, a time of new beginnings. A time when we can renew ourselves to get ready for the joyous day of Easter.

So this year for Lent, I did vow to give something up. (I pay the Church $1 every time I curse. Yes, I'm a like a sailor. No, I'm not yet broke.)

But as part of my year of more, I also chose to give something back to myself. But in the tradition of Lent, I made it something I had to make a serious effort to do.

Allow me to step back a moment to explain. I recently celebrated my birthday. No lavish party. No pomp and circumstance. I simply wanted to be surrounded by the people who matter most to me.

With the exception of my best friend and a few others who live out of town (and my daughter because it was her weekend her dad), the people I adore were with me. These friends know every horrible detail of my life. And they still love me. I trust them with everything.

But I realize that just because I am blessed with my small, close-knit friends, that doesn't mean I don't need or want or adore the other people in my life.

So every day in this season of Lent, I've reached out to someone from my past. Former co-workers or friends that meant enough to me that their phone number is in my list of contacts. I've dropped them a note (yes, I still use snail mail) or a text message to let them know I'm thinking of them.

And the most amazing things have happened.

I've reconnected with several of them. We've gone out to dinner. We've talked on the phone. We talked about "old times" but also caught up on what's now happening in our lives.

This may be the most reflective season of Lent I've had. I've learned it really is not all about giving things up. It's about adding good things to our lives. It's about more hope, more forgiveness, more hugs and kisses. And sometimes, it means more margaritas too.


  1. Awesome way to let the positive into your life and keep the negative out!

    1. It's really been a great way to experience Lent.

  2. Such a wonderful thing to do. Your swear jar is fantastic. I may adapt it to my Lenten promise - no gossip. Had no idea how bad I was until I tried to stop. :/

    1. No gossip....ooooh. Not sure if I can do that.


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