Work From Home Problems

I just got back from a terrific week in San Francisco. I'd like to say it was all work and no play, but that just wouldn't be the truth.

Since taking my job at the Content Marketing Institute back in the fall, I have to say that work is a lot of fun.

Yes, fun.

When you work alongside people who are passionate about not only their work but the mission of your organization, what a difference it makes!

But I say "alongside" lightly.

I work from home, and my trip to San Francisco was the first time I met many of my coworkers.

So when I returned to the comforts of my home office (I say "home office" because it sounds better than "the comforts of my sofa as I sit barefoot and in leggings"), I realized just how different my life is now that I do not work in a cubicle farm.

There are plenty of advantages to working from home. But there are some problems. (Note: a lot of this is tongue-in-cheek. I'll gladly take these problems over some of the drama I've witnessed working in an office setting.)

No commuting - My 20-foot commute from the bedroom to my living room is pretty fabulous. But I'll admit I bought a new car with all the creature comforts - heated, leather seats, slick dashboard, etc. - because I was used to driving more than 60 miles roundtrip every day. I miss my car.

An empty closet - When I attempted to pack for my business trip, I realized my wardrobe now largely consists of hoodies and oversized tunics to go with leggings in many colors. Gone are the cute dresses and heels. I no longer have bold costume jewelry. Working from home has seriously downsized my closet.

No concept of time - Contrary to what many people assume, I don't watch much television throughout the day. But I think that may be because I never know what time it is! I rarely look at the clock - with the exception of a few conference calls and a Twitter chat here and there, I rarely keep track of the time. 

Always online - Because I work from home, my laptop remains on. Even when I'm doing a little online shopping at night, it's easy take "a minute" to check work email or jump on social media. The temptation is always there.

The dog has to be walked - Working in an agency, I often met with clients. Now? I'm expected to meet my dog's needs. Or sometimes there are mom-responsibilities, like laundry. Work-life balance takes on a whole new meaning when you work from home.

Do you work in an office? Ever wish you could work from home? I'd love to hear about your work "problems!"