The Grateful Challenge

It's no secret I've struggled the last few years. But the past 12 months have been filled with so much love and magnificent growth for Amara and me.

I once heard happiness is a gift that comes with every instance in our lives we are grateful. And it is true. So I was up for Gini Dietrich's annual Grateful Challenge.

10 minutes. A list of everything for which you are grateful.

10 minutes goes by quicker than you think. Gini has an impressive list of 99. I couldn't make it to 50. But I am proud of my list and how it's shaped me in 2015.

So here are the wonderful people and special things for which I am grateful today:

  1. Amara
  2. My BFF
  3. My dog
  4. My new place because it truly feels like home
  5. Tara, my friend, concert buddy and fellow lover of good books
  6. Charlene, because in essence, we are the same person
  7. Madeleine, my sponsor
  8. Lisa, my soul sister
  9. Carrie, my Canadian sister
  10. My uncle and his family
  11. Carol, my college mom
  12. Molly, my partner in crime
  13. My doctors
  14. Chicago and city air
  15. Madonna della Strada, my thinking spot
  16. Disney World, my happy place 
  17. The Shore
  18. Waking up to the sound of crashing waves
  19. Bread pudding pancakes at Southport Grocery
  20. Pecan pie
  21. Sticky rice
  22. Coffee
  23. A job I enjoy
  24. Pretty sweet bosses
  25. A work team I respect
  26. my iPhone
  27. Social media
  28. Finally meeting people I had previously only spoken to online in real life (like Gini!)
  29. My TV family
  30. Birthday months
  31. Half birthdays
  32. My church
  33. Leggings
  34. Hoodies 
  35. Tall boots
  36. Eyeliner
  37. My Marc Jacobs perfume
  38. Brisk autumn mornings
  39. Tulips
  40. Young adult books
  41. Writing (yes, I don't blog as much but it's the thought that counts)
  42. Cleveland sports (bad habits never die)
  43. Other basketball moms
  44. The Cleveland Metroparks
  45. Music, lots of music 
  46. My unique name

My gratitude comes in all forms - from the simplest of pleasures to the most complex of relationships that some will never understand. I appreciate creating this list because it serves as a reminder to not take anything for granted.

I wish all of you a love-filled, peaceful Thanksgiving. Be well!


  1. I am grateful I finally met my soul sister, and I am grateful for FaceTime that allows me to see her. Heart emoticon. Smile emoticon. Happy turkey emoticon.

    1. So thankful we were able to see each other so much this year!

  2. Happy Thanksgiving! I love this. I'm going to make my list tonight!

    1. It's such a terrific exercise. Makes us think about the last year and how incredibly blessed we are!

  3. Very lovely list; your gratitude is palpable. Disney is my daughter's happy place too. She is going to be living and working there Jan-May of next year with the Disney College Program!


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