Thursday, February 2, 2017

Monthly Goals: February 2017

I happened upon this blog post and immediately thought it was brilliant in its simplicity. So I have decided to do a review of my goals for each month. I attempted this experiment and failed. Documenting my goals may last a year. It may last a few weeks. But by making my goals public, the hope is to stay motivated (and maybe help or entertain anyone that reads this blog).


🎯 Read one book. I love browsing through aisle after aisle at the bookstore. (Yes, I go to a bookstore rather than ordering online or reading on a tablet.) But now I have an ever-growing stack of books in my office. It's time I tackle them.

🎯 Workout 20 times. I found a gym a few months ago and took up kickboxing. My doctor prescribed some meds that have erased any hope of weight loss, so I'm not shedding any weight. But I feel stronger. 20 times averages to four workouts a week. I don't have a good reason for choosing 20 other than proving to myself I can get off my ass.

🎯 Set a budget. Ugh.


🔹 Wake daily at 5 a.m. Extra time in the morning would allow me to workout, read, write, meditate - all of the things I believe I have "no time" for. The plus side is this may force me to establish a consistent sleep routine, including going to bed earlier. I should not be watching Storage Wars reruns until 1 a.m.

I'm looking forward to sharing my results at the end of the month. Who knows. I may be a changed person when I do.


  1. I'll be here to cheer you on, lady!

    1. Thanks honey! Happy to know you're in my corner!

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