Here We Go Again: Making the Same Resolutions

Ok, I'm laying it all out here. I'm making a list of New Year's resolutions. And they're the same ones as last year.

I know. I know. Many people fail to keep resolutions long-term. But I'm thinking this could actually work.

Why? First, I have been semi-successful with my goals in recent months. Often my resolutions were too big or too vague. I was diving in with good intentions. But what I needed to do was create more purposeful resolutions, with a specific end game in mind. What a difference that made.

Second, I kept reading about the "one word" others are taking with them into the new year. Love. Clarity. Brave. This practice never really resonated with me. But one kinda came out of nowhere, and now I'm all in.

My word for 2019 is VISIBLE.

I initially wanted my word to be DEFENSE, because defense wins games. (Thanks high school basketball coaches for that cliche.) But it seemed negative. So "visible" it is.

Which brings me to this blog post.

I have this need for the universe to see my resolutions. This puts me in a vulnerable situation, because many of you didn't know about my 2018 goals. But this - here and now - makes me accountable. Plus, I have a type-A personality and need structure and planning.

So here they are, the exact same resolutions as last year, visible to the world.

1. Record one happy moment daily.

How did I do? My friend Martin and his Happiness Project inspired me to begin this habit. I made it through 244 days. (For my marketing friends, that marks the start of Content Marketing World.) I glanced at a few pages of my 2018 journal and instantly smiled. I remembered small things, like ditching a wedding reception so I could have egg foo young at my favorite Chinese restaurant. I don't want to forget moments like that.

Visible this year means exposing more of what is good in my life. I've dodged a few curveballs. But I'm still standing because of the small blessings that surround me.

2. Read five books.

How did I do? I finished two and a half. This may be a big fail for some, but for me, that's success! I grew up a voracious reader. After getting through the (almost) three books, I realized why my book pile grew. I was reading books that bored me. I'd grab something off the bookstore shelf because other said it was a "must read." Or I would spend time with too many work-related books. Reading felt like a chore. Now, I read because I want to, not because I feel like I have to.

Visible means discovering what I enjoy. Self-help books? No thanks. (Anyone need a copy of Girl, Wash Your Face?) Young Adult books? Yes please! Autobiographies? I'm starting to get into them. Visible means seeing what I don't like and being ok with quitting it.

3. Payoff my credit card.

How did I do? So-so. We cut back spending a lot in 2018. This meant less eating out, no concerts, no vacations. I even took up odd jobs for a little extra income. But it was worth it. I am this close to paying off my car a year ahead of schedule. Now I need to buckle down and focus on the credit card.

Visible means reflecting on how I got into debt and recognizing how far I've come in just a few short months. In 2019, I'm looking for more creative ways of cutting expenses.

4. Lose 50 pounds.

How did I do? Well, last year, I actually needed to lose 75. I lost 50 of that. But then I gained 25 of it back. So now I have to get rid of 50 pounds. Are you following? That's a lot of math.

Visible means keeping in full view the benefits losing this weight would bring to my life.

  • My mental health. I hate how I look and feel right now. I'm uncomfortable in my own skin. Shedding the weight would reduce my anxiety considerably.
  • My physical health. 2018 hurt, literally. Doctors diagnosed me with osteoarthritis in my hips. And I experience back spasms more often than not. When I stick to an anti-inflammatory diet, the pain decreases.
If I were to add a new resolution for 2019, it would be a professional one. I have met some amazing people through my work, and I want to give them a more visible role in our community. They deserve that. I have pages of notes and ideas outlining what I'd like to do. Now, the goal is to come up with a strategy and execute it.


I say this word with intention. It will be a constant reminder that 2019 is a year of action. I will refer to it often, remembering that you can all see it too.


  1. This is inspiring! I, too, have noticed the trend of selecting a word for the year but have yet to pick one for myself. And, we have very similar challenges! I look forward to hearing your updates. Thanks.


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