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I'm Mo, a Midwestern gal living a not-so-typical life in Cleveland.

By day, I am the social media community manager at the Content Marketing Institute. My phone is attached to my hand at. all. times. You never know when you'll need to tweet.

By night, I'm a self-proclaimed extraordinary Mom, who wishes she knew how to cook. Fortunately, I am a short drive from some of the nation's greatest restaurants.

When I'm not playing Basketball Mom, you can find me kickboxing (my current obsession), cheering on my favorite Northeast Ohio sports teams, or clearing the DVR of bad reality TV shows. 

I was a mom blogger for many years. But now I'm focusing my writing on me. Being Mom is still important, but there's much more that defines me. So what have I learned so far? Here are some random facts about me (questions stolen from my good friend's blog):

Would always: Be honest.

Would never: Turn down pecan pie.

Picky about: My unmentionables.

Not so picky about: Food. I love food.

Glad it's ahead of me: My daughter's college years.

Glad it's behind me: My television news years.

Early for: Not much. I live on Filipino time.

Late for: Pretty much everything. I was late to my own wedding and to my Mom's funeral.

Would pay good money for: A trip to see Mickey Mouse. I was a Disney Parks Mom after all.

Wouldn't take, even if free: Licorice.

Always up for: Attending a basketball game.

Never up for: Dishonesty. Liars are exhausting.

Moment of triumph: Becoming a Mom.

Epic fail: Marriage.

Too much in my life: Suburban moms in the school drop-off line.

Not enough: Love.

Want to learn more about me? Looking for a freelance social media consultant? Check out my LinkedIn profile.

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