The Miles

This blog began as a way to share my family's adventures. But my daughter grew older. She became cognizant of her Mom's writings, and the blog was forced to change. Problem was, I didn't know which direction to pivot. I've tried a few things, and nothing felt right. So here it sits, often untouched.

These days, my "adventures" are often mundane and downright boring. But I keep trudging. This blog now contains my thoughts about work and life, a way for me to chronicle the many miles this journey takes.

So where has this road led me? Here's a random map.

Would always: Be brutally honest.
Would never: Turn down pecan pie.

Early for: I live on Filipino time. But I always make church before the sign of the cross.
Late for: Yea, I was late to my own wedding.

Would pay good money for: A trie to see Mickey Mouse. I was a Disney Parks Mom after all.
Wouldn't take, even if free: Licorice

Always up for: A basketball game.
Never up for: Dishonesty. Liars suck.

Moment of triumph: Becoming a Mom.
Epic fail: Love. (But I'm still trying.)

I hope you enjoy your time on the blog. And please, let me know you stopped by.