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Here We Go Again: Making the Same Resolutions

Ok, I'm laying it all out here. I'm making a list of New Year's resolutions. And they're the same ones as last year.

I know. I know. Many people fail to keep resolutions long-term. But I'm thinking this could actually work.

Why? First, I have been semi-successful with my goals in recent months. Often my resolutions were too big or too vague. I was diving in with good intentions. But what I needed to do was create more purposeful resolutions, with a specific end game in mind. What a difference that made.

Second, I kept reading about the "one word" others are taking with them into the new year. Love. Clarity. Brave. This practice never really resonated with me. But one kinda came out of nowhere, and now I'm all in.

My word for 2019 is VISIBLE.

I initially wanted my word to be DEFENSE, because defense wins games. (Thanks high school basketball coaches for that cliche.) But it seemed negative. So "visible" it is.

Which brings me to this blog pos…

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