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Take the Damn Vacation Days

As of last week, I had 205 hours of paid vacation, personal, and sick time at my disposal for the rest of 2018.

That's 25 days collecting dust in my virtual HR bank.

It happens every year. I realize how many days I have stockpiled, and I panic.

Those hours will not roll over to next year or be paid out, which means I'm losing those days. I wouldn't dump a portion of my salary out a car window. So why am I throwing away days that are given to me as part of my employee benefits package?

Do I feel guilty a co-worker has to pick up the slack while I'm away? Yes.

Should I skip the travel this year so I can save for my daughter's college tuition? Yes.

Does changing my routine give me anxiety? Yes.

But the big reason why I don't like taking time off? I hate returning to a mountain of work.

My manager supports work-life balance and encourages the team to use their hours. But growing up Filipino, I was introduced to a work ethic steeped in the need to produce quality …

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